Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thursday Rum and Coke

Mondays are probably the most socially acceptable day of the week to hate. I'll be honest, Mondays are not my favorite (why does the morning have to come so early???). But when push comes to shove, I'd take a Monday over a Thursday any day.

I'm not sure exactly what it is about Thursday but I find myself burned out and apathetic at best, depressed and anxious at worst. Maybe it's because the weekend is in sight but not quite there yet. Maybe it's because I work in a different office on Thursdays and it's lonely and isolating to be away from my coworkers. Maybe I'm just tired and burned out by Thursday and can't muster the will to carry on. I don't know. I can rally on Friday, but Thursday makes me seriously consider walking out the back door and never turning back.

But I have not always been this self-aware. In fact, Colin recently pointed out my pattern of the "Thursday Funk" last Thursday evening when I was sitting with my forehead pressed into a table and wondering aloud what the point of anything was. "You do this every week, you know. Always on Thursdays." It was like being hit in the head with an obvious pan. The man is a friggin' genius. Then again, as a sociologist it is his job to detect these kinds of patterns in human behavior. So I guess the questions becomes: Where were you on this last Thursday, honey?