Saturday, December 12, 2015

Washington DC: The Bonus Trip to Chicago (Part 3 of 3)

During a recent job interview the hiring committee asked me how I deal with ever-changing priorities. Situations change constantly and not just with work. I can't tell you how many times I've set out to cook something only to find out I don't have one of the ingredients. Sometimes it's a simple adjustment: no brown sugar, substitute white sugar and molasses. Sometimes it's not that easy, like trying to make pumpkin bread with no pumpkin.

Things aren't always going to go as planned no matter how fool-proof the plan may seem. That's life. I've slowly come to realize, after much trial and error, the importance of learning to adapt to my situation. Maybe the pumpkin bread becomes banana bread. Maybe I scrap the whole plan and bake chocolate chip cookies instead. 

So how do I deal with change? 
First, by evaluating my situation.

For example, Thanksgiving morning I set out to bake brown butter pumpkin cupcakes and an apple pie. I had made a double-crust pastry for the pie and had all my ingredients set out for the cupcakes when Nick looked over my shoulder and said, "Oh. I kind of want pumpkin pie." I couldn't blame him. Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving tradition. 
The Situation: I needed to add pumpkin pie to my menu.

Next, I re-prioritize my tasks.

Could I adjust and make a pumpkin pie instead? Yes. I had all the ingredients for both pumpkin and apple pie but only two single pie crusts. Not ideal for apple pie. So what would I do for the apple pie? Did I need to make an apple pie? Yes, or Colin will be very sad. Did I have time to make a new pastry? Nope. 
The Priority: Figure out how to make an apple pie with a single pie crust.

Finally, I draft a new plan by creating a list of steps I need to take.
The Plan: Use one crust for the pumpkin pie. Use the other crust for the apple pie and top it with a crumble topping.
No problem! Easy peasy!

But it's not always easy peasy, is it?

Like take our flight home to New Mexico from Washington DC. Ten minutes before our plane left Dulles we found out the second leg of our flight, from Chicago to Albuquerque, was canceled. And that we couldn't book a new flight that day or even the next day. The earliest we could get a new flight home was two day later.

The kids were crying because they were tired from walking all over DC and being in an airport all day. They were scared because every person on the airplane was freaking out about their connections being canceled. We all just wanted to be home, see our dogs, and sleep in our own beds.

The Situation: We were not getting to Albuquerque that day. We could get off the plane and stay in DC without a place to stay and without our luggage. Or we could follow our luggage to Chicago.
The Priority: The kids are upset so my priority was to reassure them, keep myself from freaking out, and make the most of the situation. We were nowhere near home but we were together. Colin and the kids were off that Monday and I could call in sick from work, no problem. We've always wanted to see Chicago. This was our chance!
The Plan: Find a place to stay in Chicago. Book a new flight home. Make arrangements with my family to watch our dogs and house a couple more days.

No problem! Easy peasy!

A woman on the plane from Chicago helped us find a good hotel room in downtown Chicago at a great rate and we made reservations before we even left DC. She also recommended some places to see and restaurants to eat at. Basically, she turned being stranded into a vacation. She is an angel and I never learned her name. Whoever you are, I want to say thank you so much for helping up!

We flew into Chicago and booked a flight home but found out that we could not get our luggage, it was headed to Albuquerque without us.

The Situation: We had no luggage but we did have a flight home and a place to stay in the meantime.
The Priority: Get to the hotel and eat dinner. It may be inconvenient, but we could survive without our luggage. I was pretty sure Chicago had a Target or some other store where we could get toothbrushes and whatever else we needed.
The Plan: Get to the hotel. Eat dinner. Find supplies. Go site seeing.

No problem! Easy peasy!

We decided that since it was 14F and our winter coats were on a plane without us, we would walk to the Art Institute of Chicago. We could spend the day perusing art in a warm building. And the Institute had an amazing cafeteria with gourmet food. We were eager to buy our lunches so we could eat when our bank cards were declined.

"Are you from out of town?" the cashier asked us. "The bank probably just put a hold on your account because of all the out-of-town charges. It happens all the time, just call them."

The Situation: No cash (we'd used that for a cab). No bank card (account frozen). But we had emergency credit cards.
The Priority: First, get the kids food. Second, deal with the bank.
The Plan: Use the credit cards to pay for the food. Eat lunch. Call the bank. Spend the rest of the day enjoying Chicago.

No problem! Easy peasy!

Except, I forgot to mention it was Sunday. And our bank is not open on Sundays.

I have to admit that at this point I lost my cool. I had done an excellent job rolling with things up until that moment. I did not follow my steps. I did not adapt. Instead, I had an ocular migraine. Then I pulled myself together and got back on track.

The Situation: The bank is closed on Sundays. But there had to be a way to get the hold off our account, even on a Sunday.
The Priority: Try again to contact the bank.
The Plan: Check the banks website and call any and every number I find until I get in touch with someone who can help us.

A slight hiccup but no problem! Easy peasy!

And after some digging I found a number for cards with holds. We called and had the freeze on our bank account instantly lifted and spent the rest of the day enjoying the art. The rest of the trip went smoothly and we made it back to Albuquerque without a hitch.

See: No problem! Easy peasy!

I'll admit it wasn't the ideal way to see Chicago but it was an adventure. Colin and I have agreed that we need to go back and do Chicago right. But I'm not getting on a plane any time soon.

And, by the way, I was offered the job and I accepted the position. That means I no longer have to commute to Santa Fe for work! Yay!!!

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