Sunday, January 1, 2017

Be Kind (to Yourself): Breathe

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season.

I’m glad to be on this side of the winter solstice. It’s comforting to know that, while it is still cold and dark, each new day brings with it a bit more sunshine. On that note, I’ve been thinking about how to move forward since my last post and I decided that I want to bring a bit more sunshine into your lives as well.

Since my last post, I have had many of you reach out to me to give me your love and support—thank you and I love you! I’ve also had a lot of people tell me that they can relate to what I said. It sounds like 2016 was a difficult year for a lot of people.

While I have spent a good portion of the last year feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I have also found some really helpful tools to bring me back to center. I thought that it would be useful to share these tools with you. I’m sure you already know much of what I have to share, nonetheless it is easy to move away from good habits and, therefore, nice to have gentle reminders.

With that in mind, I am pleased to introduce Be Kind (to Yourself), a collection of helpful tips, practical tools, nourishing recipes, and inspirational messages to help us find peace within so that we can move through the world with a little more grace and compassion.